Corvette is a small warship, the smallest class of vessel considered to be classified as a warship.

The warship class above the corvette is that of the frigate, while the class below was are coastal patrol craft, missile boat and fast attack craft.

A Corvette is typically between 500 tons and 2,000 tons, although recent designs may approach 3,000 tons, which might instead be considered a small frigate.

The role of the corvette consisted mostly of coastal patrol, fighting minor wars, supporting large fleets, or participating in show-the-flag missions.

Corvette are usually armed with medium- and small-calibre guns, surface-to-surface missiles, surface-to-air missiles (SAM), and anti-submarine weapons. Many can accommodate a small or medium anti-submarine warfare helicopter.

The first operational corvette based on stealth technology was the Royal Norwegian Navy’s Skjold class.

Corvette, Royal Norwegian Navy, Skjold-class, P965 KNM Gnist

Skjold Class Corvettes

a class of six light, superfast, stealth missile corvettes in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy.