Amphibious Warfare Ship

Amphibious Warfare Ship (or amphib) is an amphibious vehicle warship employed to land and support ground forces, such as marines, on enemy territory during an amphibious assault.

Specialized shipping can be divided into two types, most crudely described as ships and craft. In general, the ships carry the troops from the port of embarkation to the drop point for the assault and the craft carry the troops from the ship to the shore.

Amphibious assaults taking place over short distances can also involve the shore-to-shore technique, where landing craft go directly from the port of embarkation to the assault point. Some tank landing ships may also be able to land troops and equipment directly onto shore after travelling long distances, however, Tank Landing Ship is rare, mostly they carry only Light Vehicles and/or Helicopters

USS America (LHA-6), amphibious assault ship, navy,

America class

a ship class of landing helicopter assault (LHA) type amphibious assault ships of the United States Navy (USN)