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We wish the world to be always at peace, but it is almost impossible, so I wish to learn anything possible about war weaponry and what kind of military asset our world has. Shall the time needed, we won’t be so dumb about it.

Human is at the early stage of building their modern civilisation, when will we be able to visit or at least make contact to the other planets, the universe is so vast, so many planets, solar systems, and galaxies spreading in it. Do you think, it’s all empty, just for decoration and serve no other purpose? 

But before that, we certainly must know our own military capabilities, right? 

In accordance to that, we want to study and make a list of every military asset available on our world to prepare ourselves with some knowledge, before we needed to.

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jet, fighter, sky


“Those who dominates the air, held the overall of advantage” (KEP)

soldier, drill, tank


“Land is where we live, how would you retain your rights and honor without the strength to defend it?” (KEP)

warship, ocean, ship


“Sea still has many area unoccupied. Free water” (KEP)

gun, sniper, rifle


"Equip your military personnel well, it will boost their fighting spirit" (KEP)