PHL-03 is a 12-tube 300 mm long-range multiple rocket launcher of the People’s Republic of China .

PHL-03 main purpose is to engage strategic targets like a large concentrations of troops, airfields, command centres, air defense batteries, and support facilities.

Sometimes PHL-03 also used to engage in counter battery fire missions.

The PHL-03 has 12 launch tubes for 300 mm artillery rockets, along with a computerized fire control system (FCS) incorporating GPS/GLONASS/Beidou.

A standard weight for each rocket is 800 kg with a 280 kg warhead.

Then its weight is more than 10 tons on weapons system alone, but it can reach maximum speed at 60km/hour. Quite fast for a big bad military asset vehicle.

Maximum firing range is around 70 – 130 km (depends on warhead type). So you could fooling around, suspecting nothing, and then, boom, some big rockets exploded on your roof.

Standard warheads are High Explosive Fragmentation (HE-FRAG), fuel-air explosive, and cluster warheads with anti-armor and anti-personnel submunitions. Cluster warheads can also carry self-targeting anti-tank munitions.

A full salvo of this system could potentially cover an area of up to 67 hectares. Yes, almost none can escape the salvo unscathed.