Do We Need War?

Do We Need War?

Will This Peace Last Forever?

I’m just curious, will this peace last forever?

That questions keeps ringing in my head for so many times. Whether you like it or not, I think someday someone will start the big war, because while it’s not easy to maintain a country/nation, the greed of land, money, and resources will always wins against moral code. 

Some people says that war is necessary, to erase evil, to prevent further nuclear  and/or bio hazard wars, and to help a nation from lingering dictatorship from the rightful (or not) rulers. 

Those are 3 (three) main reason for any invasion started usually by Big Nations with excessive Military Power , while it is true and arguably justified reasons, but the victim is still mostly the weak, (not truly) innocent citizens, and mostly kids.

The most saddening thing is when there are kids amongst the victim of wars, they are so weak and know nothing about wars, unfair right? 

And by any means, they are the future of our world, shall we protect them? Yes. 

PS. I will wrote more later. Hahahahaha.



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